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. this has not been a good negotiating session. obama every morning he needs to wake up and try to go with before the fall. you won the election. you know it. the republicans know it. and you are entitled to certain things. but if you repeat what you did on monday which was a victory lap in the cusp of the conclusion of negotiations where you rub the republicans' nose in the fact that you force them to raise the rates and then you say you think you have spending afterwards, you are not going to get any spending cuts afterwards. he is oaf his own cliff. what he needs to remember is one day he will need the republicans, to be a run on the dollar or crisis in foreign affairs, he has to make sure that he hasn't so humiliated and alienated them that they will not stand with him. he is the president of the country. he has to remember that, not just the miles per hour liberals or the american democrats. >> bret: do you think there is regret that speaker boehner didn't take whatever the big deal offer was from president obama and the white house in this situation? that he instead, you know, w
averted the fiscal cliff passing a bill early this morning. now president obama is calling on the house to pass it without delay. the deal avoids tax hikes and spending cuts that were to go into effect at midnight. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is spending a second night in a new york hospital. she's being treated for a blood clot that formed in her head. doctors expect her to make a full recovery. >>> investigators say it could be at least a month before they know what caused a bus to crash in oregon that killed nine people. the charter bus was returning to canada when it plunged down an embankment sunday. survivors say people were thrown from the vehicle through broken windows. when the bus stopped, terrified passengers looked around for loved ones. >>> with five days left as governor of north carolina, beverly perdue has issued full pordens of the so-called wilmington ten. nine black men and one white woman were wrongly convicted 40 years ago for the fire bombing of a white-owned grocery store in wilmington. they denied any roll in the fire bombing but were sentenced to pris
♪ ♪ ♪ >>> this morning on "first look," they missed the deadline but two hours into the new year the senate voted in favor of a budget deal that now goes to the house and president obama wants action today. >>> revelers from around the globe, from rio de janeiro and beyond, welcome 2013 with a bang. and a few peculiar traditions. >>> we say good-bye to the safest year in air travel forever and say hello to over 400 new laws. good morning on this first day of january and a happy wonderful new year to you all. i'm bill karins. it's up to the house. they're expected to take up a senate measure approved just hours after midnight aimed at halting an enormous tax hike for all but the wealthiest of americans from taking effect. 89 in favor, 8 no-votes coming from three democrats and five republicans. nbc's steve handelsman has the latest details from capitol hill. good morning and happy new year to you. >> reporter: bill, thanks, good morning on capitol hill. members of both political parties who badly want these middle class taxes rolled back fa fast, "what the senate did this morning
out strong. wr we have had a death of that for a long time. an op-ed this morning in "the washington post" entitled obama's failed leadership. "the main reason we keep having these destructive and inconcludive budget confrontations is not simple that will many republicans have been intrancei gent on taxes, the larger cause is that obama refuses to concede that social security, medicare, medicaid are driving future spending and deficits. so when republicans make concessions on taxes they get little in return." are you set up for more confrontatio confrontation. >> i think we are set up for more confrontatioconfrontation. on september 30th, when the clock strikes, we'll be in the same position. the president has made concessions, put on the table reforms to the entitlement program. last year, we were close to a grand bargain. $4 trillion deficit reduction that would include major entitlement reforms. the president has done what he needs to do that's unfair criticism. >> what is lacking, congressman? what is the problem? it is a popular con serb tuf and -- conservative reefrain. where i
with the latest on this situation. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. the deal making continue well into the night with the vote coming at 2:00 in the morning. as you said, the vote -- the bill passed 89-8. shortly after the vote, president obama said while neither decembers nor republicans got everything they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to do for our country and the house should pass it without delay. now, house speaker john boehner and his leadership team say they need it review the bill before putting it up for a vote. that could happen late today or perhaps wednesday. in the deal approved by the tonight, income tax rates will stay the same for most americans. individuals making $400,000 and couples making $450,000 will see their taxes rise. the planned $24 billion in spending cuts to defense and domestic programs, they've been delayed just two months. senators say it is a less than perfect plan but it is a start. >> we don't think taxes should be going up on anyone but we all knew, if we did nothing, they would be going up on everyone today. we weren't going t
this morning. any race against the clock, the senate has passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> president obama says the green is the, quote, right thing to do for our country. the legislation now moves to the house where its future is unknown. fox's patty ann brown has the story. >> reporter: senate lawmaker voted overwhelmingly in favor of legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> vice president joe biden in a visit to the capitol monday night explaining the pact he northed with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. prior to the vote, the vice president said he felt confident about the deal but stayed away from making any predictions. >> having been in the senate along as i have, there are two things you shouldn't do. you shouldn't predict how the senate will vote before they vote. you won't make a lot of money. and number two, you surely shouldn't predict how the house is going to vote. >> reporter: if passed by the house, it would stop many of the spending cuts. >> middle class families will wake up today to at assurance that their taxes won't go up
. president obama issuing a statement this morning saying, juliet? >> while neither democrats nor republicans got everyone they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to do with our country and the house should pass it without delay. is the house likely going to pass it without delay, or pass it period? the chief congressional correspondent for the "washington examiner" joins us now. good morning, my dear. thank you very much for waking up early today. we especially appreciate it today. let's get right to it. what do you think is going to happen with the house? >> they'll gavel in today and they'll discuss the deal. and i think what it will boil down to is a deal that attracts a lot of democrats and some republicans. they need at least two dozen republicans, maybe more, depending on whether they lose a few democrats who don't like that higher tax threshold passed last night in the senate. it's going to be a matter of whether or not these republicans find enough attractive elements in this deal. and they might. they might like the higher tax threshold of $400,000 for singles and $450,000 fo
the most in the world? >> hillary clinton is the most admired woman. president obama is the most admired man. the president is fall by nelson mondawmin, mitt romney, georgia the bush, and the pope -- george w. bush. >> one step closer to a deal. >> the latest on the early- morning vote. >> same-sex marriage is now legal in maryland. >> temperatures are not too bad to start the new year. details are coming up. >> we are tracking 1 accident on the beltway. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy new y
? for "good morning america," jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >>> president obama says the agreement reached by the senate is the, quote, right thing to do for our country and is encouraging the house to pass it without delay. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is spending this new year's day in a new york hospital where she is being treated for a blood clot near her brain. doctors are using blood thinners to try to break up the clot which was found more than two weeks after clinton fainted and suffered a concussion. while the clot could have been serious, even fatal, doctors say she's expected to make a full recovery. >>> in california, a big new year's eve fireworks show in sacramento was called off at the last minute because of a deadly shooting. two people were killed and three others injured in a gunfight outside a restaurant and police decided to call off the nearby celebration that was expected to draw 40,000 people. >>> but here in new york city, the big apple, things were peaceful as more than a million people packed times square for the biggest new year's eve celebratio
later this morning, the hope is that chamber can pass it before the economy is rocked by the tax hikes. >> happy new year. i feel very, very good. >> reporter: president obama called the senate vote the right thing to do for the country and he encouraged the house to pass it right away. >> all right, abc's tahman bradley reporting from washington. thanks. have a very happy new year. we know you're going to be today, tahman. >> same to you. >>> let's talk about hillary clinton's health crisis. it has the secretary of state in the hospital this holiday. >> there are new details from doctors about the blood clot that was found near clinton's brain. abc's wendy gillette has the latest from new york. >> reporter: hillary clinton's doctors found it between the brain and the skull. >> it could cause a stroke. her doctors say she has no sign of that. >> reporter: they say it did not result in a stroke or neurological damage. she's being treated with blood thinners to help dissolve the clot and the secretary of state is expected to make a full recovery. the doctors add she is in good spirits ma
for two million. the house will take up the bill this morning and hopefully the chamber can pass it before the economy is rocked by the tax hikes. >> i feel good. >> president obama call would the senate vote the right thing to do for the country and encouraged the house to pass the bill right away. >> new defrom doctors treating hillary clinton on her blood clot. it is it collected between the brain and skull behind the right ear. they are treating her with blood thinners. last month she fell and got a concussion and that caused a blood clot and that is uncommon. but she is make excellent progress. >>> and san mateo; police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly shooting on lewis road at an apartment complex by the fair grounds. police found one man on the ground dying from gunshot wounds. they detained two people for questioning. this is the 43rd homicide there 1991. >> san francisco fire officials are trying to find out what caused a house fire on atheps street. ppg&e crews cut off the gas line. two people were hospitalized. you can see the house is a total loss. well, it is 5:08
the deal got in the senate. president obama released a statement in the early morning hours that read in part quote, while neither democrats or republicans got everything they wanted this agreement is the right thing to do for our country and the house should pass it without delay. vice president biden as you say is meeting with house democrats shortly after noon to enlist their support but last night he wouldn't bet which way house republicans will go. >> surely shouldn't predict how the house is going to vote but i feel, very, very good, happy new year and i will see you all maybe tomorrow. >> reporter: house republicans will caucus about 1:00 this afternoon to decide whether to take a vote after studying the bill. the fact that all but five senate republicans supported it should give house republicans some cover. rick? rick: wendell, we know the president returned early from hawaii, his family's christmas vacation in order to be a part of these negotiations at least to oversee the process. if a deal is reached and the house votes to approve it, does he get to take some time off? >>
, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:02. early this morning, the u.s. senate passed a soil to avoid the fiscal cliff. so the measure now goes to the house of representatives. president obama released a statement praising the senate vote saying -- >>> again, the house of representatives reconvenes at 9:00 this morning our time. coming up at 7:15, even if the house passes the senate bill, the contentious debate will continue in congress with more crucial deadlines in the coming weeks. >>> 7:03. highway 12 in solano county, it has reopened after a head-on collision. four people were killed. this happened about 9:00 last night near the river bridge on highway 12. this is east of rio vista. the chp hasn't given us details about what may have caused the crash or if alcohol may have been involved. >>> and law enforcement agencies were really everywhere during the night, cracking down, looking out for drunk drivers. dui checkpoints were set ulall over the bay area and chp officers were patrolling those highways. yesterday, the chp said the number of dui arrests were down compared to last year. but new
to the news desk where terrell brown s a check of the new year's day headlines. >> good morning. happy new year to you. it was down to the wire, but the senate avoided the fiscal cliff overnight. approving the bill to head off tax increases and spending cuts. president obama asking the house to pass it without delay. nancy cordes is on capitol hill now. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. technically we did go over the fiscal cliff at midnight this morning. but that is likely to be temporary if the house votes in favor of that bill later today. the senate as you mentioned voted overwhelmingly around 2:00 in the morning by a vote of 89-8. almost all democrats and republicans voting yes on a deal that would make permanent the bush era tax cuts for people earning up to $400,000 a year and couples earning up to $450,000 a year. this was a deal that was worked out by vice president biden and senate leaders. the house speaker hasn't said that the house will definitely vote in favor of it today, but democrats at least are saying they expect almost all of their members
's capitol is gearing up for president obama's second inauguration. the press and why things will be scaled back this time around.  >>> a house of worship in prince georges county goes up in flames this morning. luckily no one was hurt but the church has severe damage. bob joins me now with the latest developments. >> investigators say they haven't determined what caused the early morning fire. nothing suspicious at first but for the members of that church community, this is a sad start to the new year. >> we're very sad. this is our church. we were here last night. and we had such a grand celebration. we welcome in a new year and here we are again and our church is destroyed. >> they call it the church on top of the hill. the first church on iverson street. >> it's a new year, starting to the new year. looking forward to a lot of things for the new year. but not planning out the way we planned it. >> the pastor and members of the first community realize repairing the damage will be costly. >> the roof and the interior are burnt up, two offices and everything
washington beginning 2013 much the same way it ended 2012. early this morning, the senate passed an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> but it still must go to the house. they reconvene at noon today. congressional leaders hope to send legislation to president obama within a day or two, meaning that consumers shouldn't notice any impact. with the latest to explain it all, all the xs and 0s, we're joined by karen travers in washington. >> reporter: it's after midnight. while we technically have gone over the fiscal cliff, some last-minute arm twisting and negotiations may have provided a parachute. don't stop popping the champagne just yet. after days of intense negotiations, the white house and senate republicans reached a deal. vice president biden went up to capitol hill to sell it to senate democrats. >> happy new year. >> reporter: biden swooped in at the 11th hour to hammer out a way forward to mitch mcconnell. the agreement would permanently extend bush tax cuts to those making under $400,000 and households making $450,000. raise the estate tax at those valued at more than $5 millio
morning around 3:00. i was very sad that he was not alive to hear that. he was somewhat grumpy about marriage in general. he really loved obama -- obama read his book "where the wild things are" and still reads to kids in the rose garden, and that meant a lot to him. he has a little plastic obama doll on his table. there's a photograph somewhere of him pertaining to eat the obama doll because oral a corporation is one of the highest tributes -- i will eat you up, i love thee so -- that maurice could give anyone. i think he would have been tremendously pleased and moved. he was a wonderful, wonderful friend. immensely delightful person to spend time with. i think just a very -- as people have been saying, without question, the greatest figure in children's literature in this century and a very great artist, i think, a very significant american artist. >> on sunday, protesters marched from grant park to near the nato summit among those there was musician and activist tom barlow. >> i was asked to perform today from iraq and and afghanistan veterans. >> what about these soldiers who are
to send legislation to president obama meaning that consumers shouldn't notice any impact. with the latest, we're joined by karen travers in washington. >> good morning, paula and john. it's after midnight and while we technically have gone over the fiscal cliff, some last minute arm twisting and negotiations may have provided a parachute. don't stop popping the champagne just yet. after days of intense negotiations, the white house and senate republicans reached a deal. vice president biden went up to capitol hill to sell it to senate democrats. biden swooped in at the 11th hour to hammer out a way forward to senate republican leader mitch mckonld. the agreement would permanently extend bush tax cuts to those making under $400,000. and households making under $450,000. raise the estate tax at those valued at more than $5 million and extend unemployment benefits for one year for some 2 million people. and automatic spending cuts that go into effect will be postponed for two months and paid for by other spending cuts. the house could take up the deal tomorrow. taxpayers would have felt the
armstrong left more than footprints and a flag on the moon. in fact, as president obama said in a letter to carol and the family this morning, future generations will draw inspiration from his spirit of discovery, composure, and pioneering leadership in setting a bold, new course for space exploration. the imprint he left on the surface of the moon and the story of human history is matched only by the extraordinary market left on the hearts of all americans. he left a foundation for the future and paved the way for future american explorers, to be first to step foot on mars or another planet. today, let us recommit ourselves to this grand challenge in honor of the man who first demonstrated it was possible to reach new worlds. and whose life demonstrated the quiet resolve and determination that makes every new, more difficult step into space possible. i was proud to know neil armstrong as a fellow astronaut, a trusted adviser, and a friend. it was my honor to share in the moment with the entire apollo 11 crew and senator john glenn in washington last fall as they received the congression
obama. we'll let you know what happens with that. here's a live look outside. i can tell you at 4:27 in the morning on any other day would not be as crowded. you can see many cars in that direction still not a problem anywhere in the bay area. welcome back. time now is 4:29 in the morning as we take a live look outside from a roof camera at downtown san francisco. we'll be checking in with erica who has a look at your forecast in just a few minutes from now. now, get this. they had weeks, months to work on it, but of course they waited until the very last minute, scaring the entire nation. a m was proved on tax incruises and spending cuts, possibly avoiding the fiscal cliff. now the m goes to the house of representatives. ed payne has the story. >> reporter: at the stroke of med night, many americans were celebrating and bringing in the new year. but the mood in washington, much more serious. vice president joe biden went to capitol hill late after the deal was struck. the senate went back into session, and around 2:00 a.m., the vote was in. the bill as amended is passed. >> repor
of this president for leading the way. that was critical vote. and this vote this morning i believe was a critical vote if we really want to keep this economy moving forward. and, you know, a lot of people say, how did president obama ever win with that unemployment rate so high? and all the historians were saying it's never going to happen because it's never happened. well, i'll tell you why i believe it happened, because i think people understand what we went through, what we suffered through, what he inherited, not to mention two wars on a credit card that he has to end. so i think people understood this. we don't give the people enough credit. they got it. they understood it. and i hope that they realize that this president has led us to this point with the vice president, with senator mcconnell, with senator reid to move this economy forward. retailet me tell you just very quickly why it's so important to my home state. a lot of my colleagues roll their eyes when i tell them we have 38 million people in california. i know my friend from wyoming, how many people in wyoming? [inaudible] 562,785
obama, cling to guns and religion. how -- what was the media coverage like? >> well, i actually looked at it, and this morning, i ran the 47%, and i asked two questions. one is how much depth does it get? how many media outlets cover the story? what's the sthefl life? last a day, a week, or a month? the guns was a relatively short, maybe three week kind of a life. talked about it a lot, and romney, the 47%, we have not seen the end of that, obviously, but it's been about a month now. now, the story's drop off, but they get dragged back in either by opponents or dragged in by events. i'm sure that as we come down to the presidential debates, someone says, well, i wonder if he responds to that and obama asks a question about that. of course, the issue is in my mind, which of the gaffes are ones that we ought to pay attention to? do they represent a true character flaw? do they represent the capacity we want them to act? we all make mistakes. >> they are there in the public, and now with the internet and youtube and places like that, they not only are distributed broadly and quickly, but
has been in. president obama has tried to work with these people to get things done, and they will not work with him. host: let's hear from ron in appleton, wisconsin. caller: i woke up this morning, and i am an engineer, an african-american. i have been blessed with a good income. however, when i woke up this morning, though i feared my taxes going up considerably, i was a bit disappointed. the reason for that is that i'm looking long term. taxes, you have to pay for the debt that we have occurred. at this point, it does not matter how we got there. whether it is republicans and democrats or whatever -- it will take all of us to get out of it. it amazes me that everyone wants everyone else to sacrifice, but when it comes to me, i do not want to give that up. at this point, ok, if you are raising my taxes, ok, but make sure that we take care of the debt. that is the big thing. i'm thinking and 10-20 years down the road. i'm not be around then, but my children will be. host: ok, i appreciate the phone call. on twitter, he sent this out at 1:45 -- the senate voted arou
, this is new year's eve. i don't know how many senators between midnight and 2:00 a.m. in the morning had a chance to thoroughly read this agreement, it's 157 pages long. you see this is not how we should run our government. this is drama. unnecessary drama. and president obama bears the responsibility for his failure to lead and his intentional effort, it appeared, to mislead the american republic -- public with this cynical bill. that's why we are here this morning, to clarify the president's action. this was not at our behest, and we are rejecting this measure today to increase congress' salary. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the gentleman from reserves. the gentleman from virginia. mr. connolly: thank you, mr. chairman. i must say i appreciate the gentlelady's point about cynicism. but federal workers and the american public might be forgiven for thinking it is cynical to be decrying a last-minute deal necessitated by the fact that the house has been out for 15 of the last 19 weeks in recess instead of doing its business here on the house of the flo
and saw mitt romney and paul ryan bash him. he is in a tough position. in some ways obama and liberals could allow the government to negotiate drug prices under part d. that would be a significant savings. there are ways to do it. host: rick from texas. caller: good morning and happy new year. my wife and i got in severe credit card debt in 2008. i went to my boss and said, "i need a raise to pay off some of my expenses." he said, "you have not been more productive." i went to my father, a successful businessman. i asked him to bail me out. he had a lot of money. he did not earn it. it was the people that purchased the vehicles. he used terms like "personal responsibility" and that i had to pay off my own debt. host: we got your point. guest: the economy is bad. the government has to pay out more in benefits. one way to get the government to spend less is to spend more to stimulate the economy. what obama was trying is serious stimulus to boost the economy. if you think of the federal government that is someone that has to balance its books, that is the obama approach and i think it is
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)